Doctor Andy McDonald is a dual qualified British ‘Physio / Coach’ who has functioned in both Strength & Conditioning and Physiotherapist roles working with athletes across over 30 different sports from youth & collegiate levels through to professional, Olympic and Paralympic levels. He is currently working for Total Performance providing UTC support for tendon monitoring in the NBA & academically researching the kinetics, kinematics and muscle activity of sprint drills.  


Session Embedded Testing

Test – Intervene – Retest – Analysis There is inevitably physical standards that we want to test, track and achieve with athletes and this is

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Andy is the host and co-founder of the Inform Performance a performance and sports medicine podcast . The show interviews the thought leaders and professionals that support elite athletes and teams. The aim of the show is to deconstruct the technical strategies or the philosophies guests utilise in their working environment or area of expertise. Featured guests have worked across the NBA, NFL, MLB, F1, UFC, EPL and more.