Andy is a Physiotherapist / Doctor of Physical Therapy. He is available for traditional In-person Physical Therapy appointments in Philadelphia USA. Andy is also available online for remote injury consultation and remote rehabilitation programming / injury management. Additionally one a case-by-case basis Andy may be available for in-person rehabilitation services across the USA / abroad.

Andy treats all sports injuries with a particular focus on achilles and patella tendon injury management, patella femoral pain and muscle injuries. 


Andy as a sports medicine interest in tendon management and works for Total Performance who provide cutting-edge monitoring of achilles and patella tendon health health to prevent the onset of tendinopathy.

Total Performance utilizes Ultrasound Tissue Characterization (UTC) to profile patella and Achilles tendons at the start of the season, and depending on your desired frequency, throughout the subsequent months. The computerized UTC delivers a 3-D ultrasound data-block that can be used for tomographic visualization and tissue characterisation which provides a graphical representation of the players tendon at a specific point in the season.

This stratifies risk, minimising time loss injuries or any detriment in performance as a result of tendinopathy, as it allows focused intervention to individual athletes. The team provides tailored rehabilitation of injured athletes through various loading programs in season to expedite return to play. The team guides implementation of prevention programs throughout the season to minimise the time loss and performance detriment associated with tendinopathy.


Andy is available for private client strength & conditioning programming, assessment and consultancy. Andy is able to use a range of technology to test and analyse strength data to understand asymmetries, force velocity profiles and objectively guide athletic development. 


As a ‘Physio-Coach’ Andy is available and able to deliver a hybrid service combining Strength & Conditioning Coaching with Physiotherapy to provide a fully bespoke health, fitness and performance solution for private clients. 




Andy is the Lead Host and Co-Founder of Inform Performance a leading sports medicine and performance podcast. As demonstrated through Inform Performance Andy is experienced in the planning and creation of industry specific content via audio, video and print media as well collaborating with commercial partners. 


Andy has been the main host for over 100 podcast episodes / Interviews and has featured on other podcasts as a guest himself. Andy is also available for presenting opportunities and recently presented at the Select Medical Sports Medicine Conference on ‘Specificity in Hamstring Rehab’.